3 Fun Ways To Cook Outside At Home

Cooking outside is a time-honored tradition for some families, and there are a lot of fun and innovative ways that this can be done. Many people know how to cook on traditional charcoal or propane grills outdoors, but here are three other fun ways that you can cook outside using a little ingenuity.


The Bug Out Bag Guide describes that a rocket stove works through combustion, and it is efficient at burning different types of materials, both organic and man-made. It has a chimney-like appearance, and it can be made out of different types of material, like tin cans or cinder blocks. Making a rocket stove can be a fun project to work on as a family, and it can even be used in a pinch during an emergency.

To use this type of stove, you place wood, leaves or other kindling at the bottom. When you light it, the shape of the structure forces the fire and heat up through the stove and out at the top. A rocket stove can be used to grill food, boil water or cook with the use of a pot.


Who doesn’t want to be able to say, “Let me get the pizza out of the solar oven”? Humless explains that the cooker converts that solar energy into heat that cooks anything from hard-boiled eggs to tasty stews. Incredibly enough, a solar cooker can be made by hand with everyday supplies, like aluminum foil or a mirror. Not only is it a unique and fun way to cook, but it can also be educational. Building and using a solar stove can show kids how solar power can be harnessed and used in everyday life.


People have been using pit ovens for centuries. Grow Forage Cook Ferment recommends that the first thing that you have to for this type of outdoor cooking is to dig a big pit in the ground. The size of the pit can vary according to what you plan on cooking in it. It can use hot coals or stones as its heat source. In the past, people would put their food down on the coals and cover it with leaves and a shallow layer of soil. Today, most people wrap aluminum foil around the food before covering it with soil.

Overall, there are many fun and exciting ways to cook outside, and they are just as effective as using an everyday grill or oven. Plus, they can be built in a pinch or in an emergency when you have very little materials around.

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  • I have a rocket stove and it’s a game changer for outdoor cooking! I love it.


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