4 Cooking Hacks To Improve Inflammation

Proper gut health is crucial to your overall physical well-being. Too much inflammation in your body can contribute to a feeling of malaise in your gut. The best way to reduce this inflammation is through your diet choices. Here are four cooking hacks designed to help you to improve the health of your gut and put you on the path to cleaner living:


Despite what the label may tell you, canola oil is not heart healthy. This highly inflammatory oil is loaded with unnatural fats that impede the digestion process and lead to gut irritation. Cutting out canola and other vegetable oils will greatly reduce the amount of inflammation that your body experience. Good substitutes include coconut oil and grass-fed ghee.


Making an intentional effort to cook with CBD oil can give your gut the TLC that it needs to perform at a higher level. It has been established that the gut microbiome is complemented by the body’s endocannabinoid system. This means that the use of CBD oil can be instrumental in supporting strong gut health. CBD should not be confused with cannabis products that contain THC. Proper CBD oil contains little-to-no THC, making this anti-inflammatory agent an effective way to strengthen the gut barrier.


Regardless of how many gut-healthy probiotics, fruits, and vegetables that you eat, taking in too much processed sugar and other simple carbohydrates will undermine your healthy eating efforts. An excess of processed sugars will degrade your gut health and encourage inflammation throughout the body. Instead of adding sugar to recipes, try substituting natural sweeteners such as honey or agave syrup.


It is no secret that a diet rich in antioxidants will help you to stave off gut inflammation. Antioxidants work to promote a healthy digestive system by delivering protection to the gut lining and encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria. Foods that are good sources of antioxidants also complement the usage of probiotics and prebiotics, providing a double dose of coverage to the gut. Solid choices to add to your diet to provide this boost include berries, tomatoes, coffee, and tea.

Nourishing your body with the right foods will help you to fight off inflammation. This nourishment will deliver your body with the fuel that it needs to perform at optimum levels.
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